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TOS | Rules

↦ My avatars are not for public use. (even my free avatars.) You may not having cloning on while wearing them or set them to public in the vrc settings.

↦ There is no price splitting when purchasing an avatar. You and your friend cannot put your money together to buy one package, you'd have to purchase seperately.

↦ None of my avatars are quest compatible at the moment. If you purchase assuming they are, you will not be refunded.

↦ All instructions on how to upload my avatars are in the description of my avatars. Please follow them to a T or you will have issues. If you message me and I ask you how you uploaded and you didnt attempt to follow them I will redirect you back to the avatar page.

↦ Do not take my edits/sculpts in anyway.

↦ Do not copy my avatars in anyway, (names are fine since I dont own names) but do not blatantly copy my avatars with the same assets. You will be blacklisted and I do own rights to all characters.

↦ Do not asset mine my avatars or post my avatars on leaking sites, this will result in legal actions again you.

↦ If you need help, please message me. If you approach me with an attitude, I will not assist you in any way. Support is not guaranteed.

↦ I have several videos on YouTube showing you how to do things in blender, unity. Please watch if needed.

↦ Do not claim my avatars are yours in anyway.

↦ I am NOT responsible for any breaks that vrchat causes to unity after publishing my avatars.

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